There is so much left to know about God.

Until about two years ago, I was sort of “yeah-okay-cool” about reading the Bible; I was frustrated that I had a hard time reading it, and I dutifully tried my best to please God by reading it. I didn’t really “study” a whole bunch. I didn’t invest a lot of time into thinking about what I had read, how it affected my beliefs, and what it all meant for reality, for life.

After all, growing up in church, I had essentially heard it all before. Right?

I think that, all too often, we as Christians forget about why we do what we do. Why do you read the Bible? Why do I?

“…that I may know Him,” wrote Paul in Phil 3:10. For too long, I was really only reading the Bible to check it off a list, to feel better, to assuage my own personal guilt, or to please God and hope that he would love/like me more. I wasn’t reading the Word to know Christ, to grow in my relationship with my Savior, and explore the deep treasures of the Well. I thought I was, but deep down, my priorities were somewhere else.

How many Christians today are walking around spiritually stunted because they don’t understand the goal of reading God’s Word?  We don’t drink it in because we don’t understand. We don’t sit and camp out in a passage, meditating and praying, because we “don’t have time” and we don’t get it.

It’s about knowing Christ! It’s about growing in intimacy with him, discovering the truth about what it means to be united in him by placing ourselves before the revelation of God, his Word!

Do you know that as a believer, you are part of him? You are united in Christ, part of his Body the Church?

Why are we not in awe of such things?

Because we don’t see. Because we don’t spend enough time with him to realize it.

By the Holy Spirit’s power, my perspective on my time in Scripture has been dramatically shifted with an added, new dimension. Praise Him.