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Speaking of Contrast…

Thank the Lord for his blessings in my life. He has given me several reprieves this past week. A paper being finished and turned in. An event off my plate. A test taken. Time with friends and refreshing sleep. Beautiful weather. Dinner at a professor’s house and a successful meeting. Work smoothing out.

I am incredibly unworthy to know God, let alone the fact that he answers my prayers. Jesus has saved me! He extends that salvation to all!

Yet, a contrast looms.

Several friends I know are struggling hard. Stress, death, medical issues, financial problems, family drama, dark depression. God seems far away from them, the Scriptures are dry, and Satan feels like he’s ripping life apart.

Set this against the backdrop of our world, the picture

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Speaking of Strength…

Congratulations, stress is officially a thing. 

I’m in the library ignoring all I need to be doing. I’m with two of my friends, evaluating doodles and making fun of an Instagram photo of Archie trying to channel James Dean. There’s much on my mind, and much to be in prayer for. Yet, here I am.

It’s because I can’t mentally do anything right now. And it’s okay.

Homework, work, family stuff, life choices, lack of social time, future plans, and trying to stay refreshed in the Word. Processing emotion instead of stuffing it up. Trying to take care of myself.

Sometimes, that includes eating junk food and listening to alt pop in the back corner of the lower level library. 

God, in his

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Speaking of the Future…

Once in a while, you zoom out.

Sometimes it’s a conversation. Other times, it’s simply the reality of life making you pause in the middle of a crosswalk or as stop as you’re waiting for a train.

Today, I had the privilege to take my dear friend Claire out for a coffee adventure. We were at a hole-in-the-wall and caught up, then proceeded to walk by the river and get snacks at Trader Joe’s. It was refreshing and needed.

We were talking a lot about the future and our own insignificance in God’s plan. The current chapter of our lives includes Bible college, intense growth, and the big city. However, as Claire aptly pointed out, these four years are really only a season, a tiny blip on the road of our lives. The

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Speaking of Calling…

Let me throw this out there.

All Christians are missionaries. All Christians are workers for the harvest, All Christians are “sent.”

Why? Because the Great Commission applies to all of us!

No one is exempt from living missionally: reaching out, evangelizing our neighbors, and making disciples!

Missions Conference wraps up tomorrow morning for our campus. It’s been a firehouse of info, and our theme this year on reaching the unreached has caused a lot of emotions to come out for our student body. I’m avoiding processing the bulk of it until after it’s over. 

I am sure of two things at this point, however:

We serve a mighty God who is capable of anything. He answers our prayers,

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Speaking of Time…

Once in a while, you get ahead of life. The papers are done, the work is over, the hangouts have happened, and the schedule is actually clear. 

That’s whats up.

It’s the night before our annual Missions Conference, and here I am with my friends, in our campus coffee shop, joking around and attempting to do nothing. We’re talking about whatever, complaining about Megabus ticket prices back to Iowa, and drinking cold coffee. I’m wearing slippers, and two of my friends are barefoot. It’s close to midnight here. I’m pretty sure Coldplay or something is playing in the background.

These simple moments will be what I miss. It’s the little pieces that come together to make up the huge puzzle of our individual lives. I will remember the big exams and the big

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Speaking of Faith…

Frank is 23 years old. He loves Jesus and his girlfriend. He appreciates trail mix, deep discussions about faith, and friendly conversation.

Frank is homeless.

Every week I hit the streets of Chicago with fellow friends to share the Gospel. We’re part of a ministry outreach at my school, and since joining this group last year, I’ve never been challenged or stretched more. We grabbed our tracts as we left the room where we meet for prayer and reading of the Word. We walked the blockage to Michigan Avenue. We paired up and broke camp.

The Gospel weighs on my heart. Everywhere I look, I see dying souls who are walking blind into judgment and whose eyes are coated with scales. I usually don’t know who to talk to first, and it’s pretty overwhelming. That’s when
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