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Life as Ministry

I pondered his words over a vanilla latte this afternoon.

“I’ve been learning how to rest this semester…I was doing so much for the Lord — walking with him, doing ministry, and yet I ceased to rest in him. It was my most productive semester yet, but it left me burned out and empty.”

I call him Insightful Kyle for a reason.

As a believer, one aspect of growing in the Lord is recognizing that nothing is about me. I exist to glorify and praise my creator, which is a beautiful and freeing thing. I seek to do ministry to women because I deeply desire others to know their place as daughters in the Lord, members of the Body of Christ, and valued, purposeful disciples for the King (as my professor likes to say, ministering poets instead of unfinished poems). I cannot imagine doing anything else besides walking through life in the trenches with others.

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Life as Collective

“Sometimes, when I get tired of campus, I go and sit with a homeless woman who lives down on State Street. I buy her coffee and keep her company until I’m ready to come back.”

Liz from Indiana looked earnestly at me as I blinked and smiled. She’s short, wears big glasses, and has fiery red hair with a cute scarf around her neck, but you would never guess that she grew up in rough inner-Indy, knows poverty well, and feels more at home on the South Side than on our chirpy, middle-class Bible school campus. For her, this is culture shock.

I find it fascinating.

Despite our backstories and contexts, Christ has brought us into the Kingdom of Light (Col. 1:13). Christ has redeemed us all. Christ lives in us.

I find it fascinating.

Despite our mixed bags of past and present, Jesus has strangely united us. This bizarre concoction that is the Body

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Life as Love

My heart is full. Three of my best friends and I adventured this afternoon to a busy coffee shop for espresso and chocolate hazelnut cookies in the bitter cold of Valentine’s Day. Chicago blustered with roses, Eskimos in sleeping bag coats, and Hallmark cards.

The talk was replenishing — oh, the chatter and encouragement of sweet friends who have not been together since September. True, even though we all live on the same dorm floor and spend time individually one-on-one, the last time we managed our schedules to overlap was for Hannah the Traveler’s birthday last fall.

We are so different, yet there are strands of similarities; the Spirit has bound us in our creativity, hearts for the Lord, and passion for people. The love that joins us is unearthly, because we are incapable of loving out of ourselves and loving those so unlike us. Moments like these underscore the depth of

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Life as Stage

I can’t believe this past week.

Working a major conference into crazy overtime has left me numb and full. It’s like I just ate a huge gourmet meal without having time to take a nap. Big-name speakers, Bible teaching, wearing dress clothes for 16 hours….and then I ran away to visit my mom in the suburbs, which was a nice relief. I loved spending sweet time with my coworkers and getting to know the rest of the event staff better.

Working as an assistant event coordinator has been an incredible blessing. Doing administrative tasks at my desk, emailing and printing little pieces of paper, and then showing up to rope off sections of the auditorium three hours before everyone gets there… times it’s difficult to see the point. Yet, when 3,000 people show up to hear Rend Collective lead worship music, a grateful and joyful smile overtakes my face when I realize that

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I’m preparing for insanity as I stand on the edge of this upcoming week. We have a huge conference taking place on campus that will require all hands on deck, and I’m mentally gearing up.

However, that isn’t to say I had no time for reading homework, tea, and exploring Pilsen this morning. I bought a copy of Gone with the Wind this afternoon and just got back from an epic video game marathon with Archie the Philosopher and Co. Now, I am ready.

Taking time to rest is critically important. I realized that one of the reasons I’ve found myself so strung out at times this year is because I don’t take care to refresh myself often — it’s constantly rush, rush, rush, instead of enjoying conversation over a hot drink or taking alone time in my room. Sounds crazy, because hey, who has time to do anything like that, but I’ve