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Repenting Hype

I love hype.

A few hysterical people. Late-night adventures. Music. Party atmosphere. Something crazy, someone yelling, everyone doubled over with laughter so hard that they can’t breathe. Definitely something worth writing about later or maybe a sarcasm battle that turns into a new inside joke. If you know anything about Enneagrams, this is the full-out 7 side making an appearance.

I get such an emotional “high” from being with people. Having dozens of dear, genuine friends is a blessing I’ve only encountered since coming to college. For an extrovert like me, it’s the picture-perfect situation to be in. I thank God over and over for gifting me with friends. I deserve nothing, and yet he’s given me the one thing my heart craves most: relationships with other Christians.

And yet.

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Repenting Ignorance

Do we believe that what we believe is really real?

How much is lies, and how much is truth?

I ended up in a black-hole-style conversation after dinner last night with two friends of mine. After a full day of homework, football, rain, and exploring Old Town, I was more than happy to talk.

We hit everything: self-perception, the culture wars, feminism’s impact on relationships, and why men and women have such skewed views of one another.

These were guys, and I’m so grateful because I needed to hear that others, especially my male contemporaries, are thinking through and are concerned about the same things I am. 

Our discussion left me thinking…how ignorant am I to the lies of this world slipping into

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Repenting Mr. Darcy

There’s no such thing as the perfect man.

Outwardly, everyone affirms my previous statement: Of course. We all know that. Yep.

Look in your heart.

If you are single today, if you are married today, if you are dating today, do you carry the terribly incorrect belief that your future/current spouse is supposed to be a certain way and act like this and behave just the way you want? That’s called playing God.

That’s called sin. That’s called being selfish.

We tend to assume that the other person needs to be perfect. We tend to make them into an idol. Worst of all, we tend to make them Jesus. 

Relationships are a tricky thing. We are saved and

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Repenting Anti-Patriotism

What does it mean to love your country?

This past week, our campus has had several speakers share with us the grave state of America. We are heading for destruction. Our government is running in circles, accomplishing nothing of substance. Israel and ISIS demand an answer. Meanwhile, we’re slaughtering our own children by the millions and claiming it’s only the politically correct thing to do. 

Things are hardly getting better. Today’s anniversary of the 9/11 attack has brought a sad state of mind to my campus, and the chilly weather underscores the seriousness of our nation’s well-being. 

I’ve been hit over the head by my lack of love and gratefulness for this country. America is definitely going down the tank, but when was the last time I prayed for my government? For the

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Repenting the “Sexy Christian” Image

“If you could speak to the entire female population on this campus, what would you want to tell them?”

We had gone out late to get ice cream cones and were back on campus throwing philosophies and thoughts back and forth. Cans of worms are my favorite late-night snack, and I was offering this one to Archie. 

It took him a while to think, but here is what he, interestingly, responded with. He said he would tell them not to be easily convinced by the men around them who aren’t all who they say they are. He said there’s a lot of fakers and masks, specifically one
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