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Application and Obligation

I’m sitting in the corner of the library. I’ve been essentially camped out here this entire past weekend, jamming to my “Thoughtful” (ha) playlist, and I’ve been systematically taking apart a passage in 1 Corinthians for a research paper. It’s been awesome to survey the text and interpret the Word of God — and getting a GRADE for it! This is one of the reasons I am so blessed to be in Bible college. 

However, I’ve been realizing more and more how little time I actually have to process the Word of God, differing perspectives, and other things I’ve learned this semester. Life hits hard and fast; it seems to be speeding up every day, and I just don’t have enough time to chew on every conversation, chapel speaker, lecture, and devotion. I think that’s why I’m enjoying this time working on this

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Cans and Kool-Aid

From what well are you drinking?

I visited an art exhibit in Millennium Park with some friends featuring special sculptures made out of Red Bull cans. It was pretty cool to see some of the things people had done — a dress, a set of wings, a fish, portraits — using just the metal from energy drink cans. The stories behind some of the pieces included information about the artists. All I could think about was the number of drinks they must have consumed in order to produce so much art on a grand scale.

Everyone runs on something. You drink water, or pop, or coffee. We all refresh ourselves somewhere.

I’ve been thinking about the woman at the well in John 4, Jesus reveals the nature of the Living Water in this

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Offerings and Open Palms

“O Lord, I bring an offering to you…”

I deeply appreciate the words of that song. I’m listening to it tonight in our floor lounge. It’s quiet (I mean, hey, it’s 1:00am), and my body is tired from a long day. My heart, though, is peaceful. Much has been getting done. God is at work and teaching me yet again the importance of prayer.

There’s a professor here on campus whose trademark line is about holding things (especially significant others) with an open palm. We joke about it here, mostly because he has the most precious Southern accent and is a bajillion years old.

There is something so symbolic about an open hand facing upwards. It shows surrender. It shows that we’re giving something up that we’ve been holding onto. It shows God

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