What comes out of my mouth freaks me out. A lot.

I feel like, many times, swords are shooting out rapid fire from this stupidly selfish, critical piece of flab that is my most deadly weapon. I can testify how my tongue has ruined someone, slashing them to pieces, and has crushed the spirits of those around me. When I’m angry, words I wish I could undo fly out like arrows haphazardly seeking the nearest target. Where on earth does this poisonous vitriol flow from? Why am I even saying all this? How come I didn’t think before I spoke?

Spirit, why didn’t you guard my mouth?

Answer: self-discipline. The Spirit is totally there–it’s whether or not we actually want to cooperate. Our flesh is boiling with rageful words, and for quick thinkers like me, my spiteful sarcasm melts through smiles like hydrochloric acid. Not something to be proud of or to brag about. 

And yet I do! I pride myself on my witty tongue and cleverness, but it hurts people! I don’t even consider the damage I’m doing until it’s too late.

Lord, help us all. We all need to be watchful over our flesh and pray for discipline, diligence, love, and kindness, by his grace. I wish I could do it in my own. But I can’t….my tongue is too sharp and my sin is too raw. Lord, help me. Spirit, fill me. Forgive me for the damage I have done and guide me into wisdom that is slow to speak. Ephesians 4:29. 

Jesus, lift my eyes to see your example. My own sin makes it so hard to see, let alone speak, words of life and love.