Let me throw this out there.

All Christians are missionaries. All Christians are workers for the harvest, All Christians are “sent.”

Why? Because the Great Commission applies to all of us!

No one is exempt from living missionally: reaching out, evangelizing our neighbors, and making disciples!

Missions Conference wraps up tomorrow morning for our campus. It’s been a firehouse of info, and our theme this year on reaching the unreached has caused a lot of emotions to come out for our student body. I’m avoiding processing the bulk of it until after it’s over. 

I am sure of two things at this point, however:

We serve a mighty God who is capable of anything. He answers our prayers, and he wants us to intercede for the nations.

Also, I am called to stay and do the work of the Gospel here in America, whatever form that takes. My hurt is burdened for reaching the unreached here, There is so much to be done in Christ’s name locally. Down the hall, down the street, down the block. I see it and couldn’t imagine leaving.

Matthew 28:19. Here we are.

God’s will for our lives is misinterpreted, I think, We wonder what God wants us to do; we ache to hear him speak; we pray for his presence. Ladies and gentlemen, God is already here; God has already told us what to do; God has already spoken! 

1 Thess 4:3 says, “This is the will of God: that you may be sanctified.”

The end. Let’s live out the general principles he has given us in conjunction with the wisdom and guidance of the Spirit. 

We are called. And we shall go.