A friend of mine working for Chik-fil-A was out by Michigan Avenue for her usual shift this afternoon. She stands next to a big poster and hands out flyers. I got a text from Tiffany while I was out at a movie that she had to step away from her post due to a semi-heated protest complete with a police escort down the street.

Ferguson pushback.

The whole incident that took place in Missouri remains troubling, but the more troubling part is that peace and justice still cannot be found. It seems that despite the efforts of the court system, local government, and heated public opinion that this issue ceases to rest. Add in explosive responses from cities all over America and dredged-up similar incidents, and we have a case of dynamite on our hands.

I don’t pretend to know anything. I didn’t grow up with this kind of tension in my neighborhood; the whole concept of people fighting cops and police brutality-question-mark is not part of my insulated lexicon. I try to read up what I can, and though the court’s response seems obvious and fair to me, I can’t ignore the attitudes of others. 

I know this for sure: God created us. God cares for us. God hates sin. God has provided salvation through himself.

God is peace.

Through Christ, we can possess a peace that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:6-7. Jesus is our Peace, and he is the solution to human pain, human emptiness, and skewed human justice. He is the truth, which sets us free (John 8:32).

Despite the injustice, the selfishness, and the heat, there is a solution.

Christ. Sola deo gloria.

See past the shattered reflections, responses, and hey, the racism (BOTH ways). See the truth: there can be justice through Christ. By him, we see all things clearly. Filter past the corrupted media of men and understand that sin is the problem. Seek the Word, and pray before just spitting out an opinion on the matter.

Thank him there is an Ultimate Solution.