I’m officially finished. 

First semester, check. Off the dashboard. I’m looking forward to heading out tomorrow for my North Woods to see family and favorites.

I made a Chik-fil-A run with Corbin the Class President tonight and then watched “Elf” with the other guys and gals who are still here. I had to say, “See you next year” to some sweet sisters and my wonderful roommate whom I love dearly. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a solid wrap-up without a late-night adventure/conversation with Archie and Co. It’s been a treasured few months. 

Looking back, it’s been a ride. I can’t believe only three and a half months have gone by since I left for my second year at Bible college, suitcases and heart at the ready. The friends (old and new), the memories, the lessons learned, and the papers written are only a small segment on the ruler of my life. Jesus continues to form and shape me into his humble vessel and child, to be filled only by him.

I know more reflecting is to come, but a little slice: God taught me that he is more than an idea to be abstracted but my salvation itself; when we pray for things we so badly desire, the Lord answers sometimes by shaping our hearts to desire him more instead; I need the Bible to refresh my spirit; spend time with people who build you up; sarcasm has its limits, and simply being kind and being yourself is more important than the next witty quip; adventures rock; give people your full attention; repent daily; pray for humility and to be a better listener. Throw in the academics, and my heart is full.

I’m ready for home.

As Christians, our lives are headed toward something greater. Because of Jesus Christ, our “citizenship is in heaven” (Phil 3:21). That’s where God is. Out of his great love, we will be there someday as well.

No more pain, sorrow, separation, loneliness, and sin. Jesus, forever. 

I can’t wait to see it. To be there. To be made complete.

To see Jesus.