I got mistaken for a twelve-year-old today. Kind of a weird deal, seeing that I’m nowhere close.

I celebrated my birthday this past week, It was awesome; I love birthdays. However, it’s strange to really sit down and think about time. Have you ever done it? I mean, really: we cannot stop it. We cannot control it. It just…goes. Time flies, passes, moves, and rolls on. We cannot feel it, but we are all encased by it and it affects everyone. The fourth dimension. Attempts have been made in vain to slow it down, to control it, to manipulate it, but answers don’t lie in our hands.

As a matter of fact, they lie in a Book. They lie in the hands of the Master.

I find it comforting and yet also astounding that God is outside of space and time. What does that mean? What does that look like? How would that feel? It’s like trying to explain the smell of blue or coax ice cream from a flower. How does that even work?

For our Lord, a day is like a thousand years, and he is everlasting forever and ever (Psalm 90:4, 2). He makes all things happen at their proper times, cannot change, and does not age like we do (Hebrews 13:8). He is beyond; he is holy, wholly other and separate. 

And yet, he loves us. Not the kind of love the world gives, but the deepest, most profound, sacrificial love. He died so we could be with him (Romans 5:8). He cares for us when we, who are constricted and conflicted by time, cannot even begin to give back the praise he deserves. 

This is the Jesus I follow. I am a selfish worm, but he forgives me. He has given me light and life and hope. He is eternal, and  because of his great love, we can spend that “time” with him in forever.

Time was invented by God and belongs to him. He has given me today, and how I choose to use this time is up to me. I pray for the Spirit to help me glorify him with this time and not waste it doing things that don’t matter. Do you waste it? Or serve the Lord with it? Do you love people? Or do you ignore them? Do you foolishly drain it on worldly entertainments, sin, or lusts? Or do you invest in prayer and the Word of the Lord? Do you share the Gospel? The choice is yours.

Look up and see the Father of all. He has given you the gift of life, and I pray you steward it well.