In four seconds, my schedule got full.

Yep, it’s that time of year again. School.

I love it. School is my favorite. Always has, always will. Add in the fact that I have the blessed privilege of living life with other Christians in the greatest community I have ever known….well, it’s pretty awesome. 

As I methodically recorded syllabuses, coffee dates, weekly meetings, and Gospel Choir rehearsals into my planner, I realized that a lot is coming. It’s almost the weekend, and so far, I’ve had plenty of time. But that commodity is about to come at a high price. Cue the 12-page papers, overlapping ministry events, and forgetting I had planned to meet someone for lunch today.

When a lot is coming, or a lot is here, we tend to be swept up into the chaos and, before we know it, things that used to be on the priority list get dropped like hot rocks. I find it unusually ironic that the first thing I tend to kick away is my daily quiet time. Here I am, future teacher and minister of God’s Word, and here I am, putting off the reading and studying of God’s Word.

Looking cute in my new harem pants and heels? Check. Facebook? Of course! Calling my parents, talking with friends, reading for class? Certainly.

But what about the Bible….

I am the guilty culprit of this far too often. Why is it so hard? I absolutely love to read! Yet, there I am, staring at its leather cover with bleary eyes at 12:37am apologizing to God for not doing what I know I should. Not to mention how easy it is as a Bible college to slide into the “Bible equals textbook” mode of thinking. 

As the year kicks into gear, I have to remember the importance of this daily time reading about how my Father wants me to live. Without this, the Bible simply becomes another “resource” instead of the absolute truth I need to live life by. I fail often. Apathy creeps in even more. But, I must fight it. There is no temptation placed in my path that I cannot bear and HAVE to give in to (1 Cor 10:13). Because I am a saved daughter of our Lord, I don’t have to give in to sin anymore. I am redeemed and can make the right choice. Commitment and discipline get harder as more life happens, but I can still do what I am called to do!

I pray, Father, that you help me to choose what is right. Even when my planner catches fire, help me to see clearly the importance of your Word.