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Life as Stage

I can’t believe this past week.

Working a major conference into crazy overtime has left me numb and full. It’s like I just ate a huge gourmet meal without having time to take a nap. Big-name speakers, Bible teaching, wearing dress clothes for 16 hours….and then I ran away to visit my mom in the suburbs, which was a nice relief. I loved spending sweet time with my coworkers and getting to know the rest of the event staff better.

Working as an assistant event coordinator has been an incredible blessing. Doing administrative tasks at my desk, emailing and printing little pieces of paper, and then showing up to rope off sections of the auditorium three hours before everyone gets there…..at times it’s difficult to see the point. Yet, when 3,000 people show up to hear Rend Collective lead worship music, a grateful and joyful smile overtakes my face when I realize that

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I’m preparing for insanity as I stand on the edge of this upcoming week. We have a huge conference taking place on campus that will require all hands on deck, and I’m mentally gearing up.

However, that isn’t to say I had no time for reading homework, tea, and exploring Pilsen this morning. I bought a copy of Gone with the Wind this afternoon and just got back from an epic video game marathon with Archie the Philosopher and Co. Now, I am ready.

Taking time to rest is critically important. I realized that one of the reasons I’ve found myself so strung out at times this year is because I don’t take care to refresh myself often — it’s constantly rush, rush, rush, instead of enjoying conversation over a hot drink or taking alone time in my room. Sounds crazy, because hey, who has time to do anything like that, but I’ve



Life has been full of adventures lately. Yet, they’ve all been marked with hard edges.

This past week, I’ve been out multiple times for multiple occasions. It started with a visit to my grandma’s. It was lovely to see her on MLK day, but the lunch was dotted with notes of depression — my grandpa is slowly fading from dementia and lies sleeping in the nursing home down the street. All I could do was hold his hand, really, and sit on the mat next to his bed that the staff keeps there in case he falls. My grandma puts on a brave face, but I know she is crying inside, too.

Donuts and coffee at Glazed and Infused on Friday. Eric from Massachusetts and I needed to catch up on life, and I’ve been trying to grip my mornings with a tighter hand  anyway. We rode the El and it was