Once in a while, you zoom out.

Sometimes it’s a conversation. Other times, it’s simply the reality of life making you pause in the middle of a crosswalk or as stop as you’re waiting for a train.

Today, I had the privilege to take my dear friend Claire out for a coffee adventure. We were at a hole-in-the-wall and caught up, then proceeded to walk by the river and get snacks at Trader Joe’s. It was refreshing and needed.

We were talking a lot about the future and our own insignificance in God’s plan. The current chapter of our lives includes Bible college, intense growth, and the big city. However, as Claire aptly pointed out, these four years are really only a season, a tiny blip on the road of our lives. The world is moving full speed ahead, and soon we will be metaphorically leaving the station, picking up our tickets, and hopping on board. Many of us will never meet again. Some of us might be blessed to work in ministry together or live close enough to stay in continual contact, but most of us will never cross paths again. As the workers head out to the harvest, the closeness we are blessed with now with end.

Strange to think that the future is coming. Adventure is out there. No eye has seen, no ear has heard the things the Lord has in store for those who love him. 1 Cor 2:9. 

Paul knew this wasn’t all there was. There is a heaven, and a Savior, and a finish line; there’s also two and a half years from now (by his grace and mercy) when I will be crossing the stage to receive a diploma and ending my time here at school. Life happens outside of these few blocks of campus, and as one of my senior friends said today, it gets weirder and weirder to think about it the closer you get.

Maybe because it’s Year Number 2. Maybe it was the macchiato. Maybe it was something about the fall weather, the blue skies, and the steps of the cathedral we were sitting on. When I was with Claire this afternoon, I felt like we zoomed out, just for a moment, and we were looking far down the road in life. We could see a tiny shaft of light, and we metaphorically grabbed it as we discussed what God might have in store with ministry, paths, and relationships.

No matter where he takes me after this season, I know is that Jesus is Lord and he holds me in his hands. My life is a sacrifice for his glory and his glory alone. I will keep running the race with the end in mind. I will keep proclaiming him and using my gifts to bring him praise. Hebrews 12:1-2. Yes, I will keep going.

I will keep sharing his love like I did tonight in Millennium Park with two young women who had never heard the Gospel. I will fight for the souls of men and women around me. 

No matter what the next step is, Jesus, keep increasing my faith and wisdom. Be my strength and fill me with your everlasting, beautiful peace that overflows and makes no sense. I look ahead to what you have for me.