Congratulations, stress is officially a thing. 

I’m in the library ignoring all I need to be doing. I’m with two of my friends, evaluating doodles and making fun of an Instagram photo of Archie trying to channel James Dean. There’s much on my mind, and much to be in prayer for. Yet, here I am.

It’s because I can’t mentally do anything right now. And it’s okay.

Homework, work, family stuff, life choices, lack of social time, future plans, and trying to stay refreshed in the Word. Processing emotion instead of stuffing it up. Trying to take care of myself.

Sometimes, that includes eating junk food and listening to alt pop in the back corner of the lower level library. 

God, in his mercy, gives us strength each day. I don’t have to worry about not having enough strength for tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year; I only have to think about today, and I trust that God will bless me with the strength to handle what’s coming simply as it comes. No need to worry about tomorrow and what’s up next–our Father feeds the birds, and he values us so much more.

Wherever you’re at, know that. 

God is with you, just as he’s with me. Turn your stress over to him. Set your mind on things above, as Paul says in Colossians 3:2. Remember where we truly belong (Phil. 3:21). 

Even so, life is full and speeding along fast. Take everything one step at a time, as I am working on doing. And don’t forget to bust open the chocolate box.

The Lord is eternally good and caring. He sees you, just as he saw Hagar in her pain, Hannah in her shame, Martha in her worry, and Mary Magdalene in her hopelessness. 

Choose to see him back.