My mind seeks to organize life in boxes. That’s how I work, and it’s great for many things.

This year has certainly been one to break the boxes. I’ve been challenged, humbled, confronted, and forced to process much–my own sin, my own fears, my own judgments about others that are incorrect and wrong.

I’ve cycled through the topics of race and gender roles and Christians needing to vote too many times to count; I’ve read Matthew, Acts, Hosea, Joel, Luke, Obadiah, and Amos; I’ve completed and started another year of Bible college; I’ve said goodbye to friends and welcomed new ones; I’ve walked with other through mental illness, relational difficulties, anxiety, and a lot of prayer for more faith that God will provide; I’ve been heartbroken over the state of sin in the world more than ever; I’ve discovered a desire to hone my teaching skills; I’ve begun dating a wonderfully complicated person who happens to be my best friend; I’m trying to figure out what the future of transitions and post-undergrad looks like; and I’m valuing family and wise spending more than I ever have.

Who is Jesus Christ to me? He is my Lord, the Savior of my soul, the one who has redeemed me to serve him. I need his strength to keep doing so.

This next year is “Now to Him” (Jude 24a).