I can’t believe this past week.

Working a major conference into crazy overtime has left me numb and full. It’s like I just ate a huge gourmet meal without having time to take a nap. Big-name speakers, Bible teaching, wearing dress clothes for 16 hours….and then I ran away to visit my mom in the suburbs, which was a nice relief. I loved spending sweet time with my coworkers and getting to know the rest of the event staff better.

Working as an assistant event coordinator has been an incredible blessing. Doing¬†administrative tasks at my desk, emailing and printing little pieces of paper, and then showing up to rope off sections of the auditorium three hours before everyone gets there…..at times it’s difficult to see the point. Yet, when 3,000 people show up to hear Rend Collective lead worship music, a grateful and joyful smile overtakes my face when I realize that I helped make something happen for the Lord. I play a part.

All of us play parts. The Lord has placed us specifically in different environments, contexts, and families in order to further his Kingdom. You go to Harvard, she gets cancer, he gets the promotion, her parents abuse her, mine lead me to Christ. You get the picture.

God, who started this whole thing, will finish it out through you until Christ’s return (Phil 1:6). We are his handiwork; he’s made us, fashioned us to do good for his glory (Eph 2:10). We are united in Christ, washed and sanctified, and FILLED with the Holy Spirit in order to do these good works. You see, we don’t live the Christian life out of our own power; it’s not a prayer of, “God, help me love people” or “God, make me more patient.” No — the prayer is for the Lord to love people THROUGH us, to work patience IN us.

Because it never was about our own strength or power or goodness. Christ in us — that is the key. God working through us is how we are able to run the race in a worthy manner. By the Spirit we walk, so we do not have to gratify the desires of the flesh (Gal 5:16). How freeing.

In this drowning world of sin and temptation, of unknown what-do-I-do-after-grad and how-do-I-feel-about-that-guy-who-asked-me-out-for-coffee-last-Saturday¬†questions and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and school bills and writing contests and indie bands and distractions…..resting in the freedom of Christ is the key to knowing where I fit in all this. It’s not about me or what I can offer, because I cannot offer anything except a willing and contrite spirit anyway.

Jesus has helped me see a deeper glimpse of where I fit into his kingdom. May I keep my eyes on things above, and continue to grow in this vision of truth.