Uncomfortable. Nobody wants to feel that.

Today, Chicago was hot. Humid, blazing, gross. It rained for like two seconds, and then decided to go back to being a hot mess. Some of us fair-skinned people aren’t fans. To add insult to injury, the air conditioning around here has been jacked up due to the weather.

Already, I can’t WAIT for this fall. Sweater weather, scarves, and boots. Yeah. 

It’s hard to be productive when you’re uncomfortable. I couldn’t remember most of what was on the docket for today. Our pains, frustrations, and discomfort can seem like the only thing on the windshield when in reality there is a long, exciting road packed with blessings and challenges awaiting us. Suffering blinds. It eats joy for breakfast and has the uncanny ability to magnify itself so much that it’s the only thing visible and the only thing that matters. 

What do we do in times of blinding discomfort? Who do we turn to when the going gets so tough that we’re lying in a bed of our own misery?

I attended an As Isaac concert tonight and was reminded amidst the stuffiness of the room that God is “living and active….Word of Life, taking off our blindness.” THAT is whom we can look to. HE is whom we can trust to cleanse our eyes and remove the veil that simple annoyances and major trials slide over us. 

As Peter said in John 6:68, “Lord, to whom else could we go?” For only Jesus has the Words of Life; he is the only source of life there is! There is a balm in Gilead, a salve for the wounded soul. There is rest and peace and comfort and purpose.

Praise Him who has lifted us out of our misery and healed our sinful, selfish sight. We can see, for we are no longer blind and blinded