I’ve recently noticed that I have a natural aversion to things I cannot figure out, pin down, hammer out. It stresses me out if I cannot put something  in a box; life is so complex, this obviously is not a problem I can avoid. I am learning more to lean into the complicated rather than shying away, as this is where so much growth happens, but it’s not my favorite. It’s an intentional, arduous mental process for me as such a strategic thinker.

Perhaps that’s why, in an ironic way, I love studying the Bible so much. It’s like an eternal treasure chest that I can’t figure out. Instead of the stress that clutches me when I cannot wade through the loud forum of Protestant evangelical grey areas (here’s my latest), conversations about yet another thing the church should be doing, and arguments about race without a frustrated headache, I rejoice. Why?

God’s Word is, as the psalmist says:

“…perfect, refreshing the soul…trustworthy, making wise the simple…right, giving joy to the heart…radiant, giving light to the eyes…
The decrees of the Lord are firm, and all of them are righteous” (19:7-9).

I couldn’t say it better myself–his Scriptures are fruitful, perfect, exactly what we as blind humans need to live this life the way we were made to: in relationship with God, bringing him glory.

When we study the Bible, it is an incredible blessing that we cannot put it in a box, because otherwise, it would be useless, invented, uninspired, and natural instead of divinely authored and true. This is not our man-made word, but God’s; this is not something we cleverly came up with, but God’s self-revelation of who he is and what we are charged to do in light of that!

How sweet is the wisdom of my Creator! How refreshing, how cutting it is to my heart when I see my own sin in its pages but read that there is mercy! How loving of him to give us the way we are to live, the way we can do his will.

Tomorrow is my final day of interning with the women’s ministry here in suburbia. I will miss this season of growing, learning, diving into God’s Word and teaching it to other sisters. I know that the Lord will continue to lead me, though; he has never not provided, and he has the next steps.

O me of little faith–Spirit, guide me to see what is ahead for you.

For each of us.