In 100 days, I’m getting married.


What will the world look like in 100 days? It’s not something I’ve ever thought about before. Time usually just rolls on like normal. We don’t expect major bumps and blizzards and bizarre changes that completely curtail our expectation of the next several months. No one really wonders if restaurants will still be open in 100 days or if we will be allowed to leave our houses.

And yet, for the first time in my life, I and the rest of my friends, family, and community, are forced to take everything one day at a time. The coronavirus has crumpled our little wall calendars into magnified accordions where we can really only see today, honestly not knowing what will happen tomorrow. What kind of world will I wake up to in the morning? Will I be quarantined, will the grocery store close, will my roommate wake up with the ominous sore throat and fever and cough? Will I lose my job?

It’s the “unknown” factor that’s getting me. When is this all going to end and we can get back to normal? But I think we’re all realizing that the normal we knew is now erased. “Back to normal” won’t ever be the same again due to new measures being put into place, economic tumbling, job loss, and a lot of well-loved businesses shuttering their cheddar fries forever.

I don’t know, but thankfully I don’t have to.

It’s times like these where theology meets the road. What do you truly believe about God? I had a professor once tell me that the time for figuring that out should never begin in the hospital waiting room when you’re in crisis. The need for knowing who God is and studying Him through His Word is a need we all must seek to fulfill throughout our whole lives so that when the virus du jour hits, we can know with confidence who God is and that He is

present (Matt. 28:20)

in control (Psalm 2

trustworthy (Psalm 28:6-7)

seated on His throne, not pacing the throne room with anxiety (Isa. 6:1)

listening (1 John 5:14)

holds us as His sheep (John 10:11, 28)

desires our good and is our joy (Psalm 16:11; Rom. 15:13)

If you read the Bible, you can see these wonderful truths about our Creator leap from the pages. He seeks to reveal Himself to us through the Bible so we can know and stand firm in our hope.

Will my bridal shower be cancelled? Probably, maybe, I don’t know. Will I get the coronavirus? I pray I don’t. As the end of the day, will I be disappointed if my wedding doesn’t go as desired? Yes, I will. 100% yes.

Will Jesus be with me in all these things and fill my heart with His joy when I am down? Yes. Will it all be alright in the end because He is in control?

Yes (2 Cor 1:20; Rev 21:3-6).

We take heart.